NEWS: We have the received the following urgent news from the festival site. Gilcombe Farm have a TB alert. Until we know more, all ticket sales for Sunset Festival have been suspended. We will keep family updated as new information comes in. 
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Come gather round curious fairy's while we take you on a magic carpet ride of joy, wonder and awe. Marvel at the twinkleness of the cosmos as we propel you on a trip down the rabbit hole, through multi coloured layers of consciousness onto the vibrating core of the vortex of love. Come and discover the many glistening beads of delight as we dazzle you with sparkly harply beams of fairy dust across the sun beamed sky as we take you on the experience known as “Sunset Festival”

Sunset Festival 2015

We're back!!!

Sunset Festival...the biggest cuddle-puddle in the west is returning to the land for its fourth hoopy-loopy hippy-hokey-cokey!

A frothy-covered psychedelic milkshake of cosmic proportions is once again being prepared to be splurged forth for all earth's good fairies and pixies to guzzle with glee!Greg Painter - sunset festival 2014 26

The Sunset treehouse has been a hive of activity with the usual crew of forest creatures, preparing once again for this year's gathering. We've been collecting all manner of bright and shiny things to build, sculpt and twist into interesting shapes to bring you yet another fun-filled episode in the Sunset story.

If you've been to Sunset before you know what to expect. If you haven't, then be prepared to be taken on a magic carpet ride of wonder and delight. Strap yourself in and come fly with us on a cosmic journey of fluffy wonderness.Greg Painter - sunset festival 2014 11 Take in the sights and sounds of the psychedelic garden, sprouting flowers of life in breathtaking sacred geometric formations as they swirl into a sea of cosmic consciousness and rain down on your smiling beautiful faces :)

Four music stages, the Sunset healing village, a kids' area, loads of food, stalls, workshops, artwork all mixed with a bucket load of hippys, bongos, hoops and enough magical sparkly things to blow your third eye into retina bending, chakra humping pumping overdrive! All brought together by the collective Sunset Family to keep you entertained in a giant pleasure portal of orgasmic pillow-dribbling loveliness :)

This psychedelic family have been growing and gaining momentum over the years and sending their energy in projectile beams across the world. You can find these fairies and pixies in every part of the land working magic and beautiful mischief for everyone. If you're reading this, then you're one of those... ;)

Sunset is the place where, once a year, this family can come together and meet up to share love, joy, and companionship. A place to find each other and ourselves. A field of dreams to awaken each other to our full potential and learn how to build an exciting future between us :)Greg Painter - sunset festival 2014 7

So, fey folk, we're sending out a big warm welcome for all of you to come and join us and the rest of the clan for five days of blissful fluffiness in the field called Sunset Festival...a place where wonderful things are going to happen!

See you there family :) x


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New Sunset Website

Finally after century’s of work the new Sunset website has arrived. An architectural wonder of delight, lovingly crafted by the Sunset elves for your pleasure. A great shrine of information and loveliness to share with our psychedelic family is laid out for you to explore. Please take your time and enjoy the experience :)

We are going to be adding to the site through the summer with all the new stuff that’s coming in on a regular basis. We already have a lot of faery material that’s that’s not being added to the website yet ;) So pop back soon to find out about............everything else.

Everything else...

Between the four main music stage's there is...“Everything Else”. Sometimes described as a bit like “dark matter” but brighter with pink bits. This is the stuff that provides colour, delight and wonder to Sunset festival and makes everyone smile. Magical tea bags of psychedelic imagination, created from family members all over the country, brought together and stirred for Sunset 2015.

Sunset is like a giant fractal painting, a co-creation of a lot of artistic peoples ideas assembled in a field. The more creative energy we build between us, the more we energise each other and awaken ourselves to the endless possibilities that we have as a family have to change the world into a better place for all. We put down a big totem pole in a field and everyone comes and decorates it with love until we have a huge sprawling festival of positive energy. This is the same method that we all have to change the planet...and its fun ;)

If you would like to join in and bring a something to the gathering than we'd love to hear from you :) x

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