NEWS: We have the received the following urgent news from the festival site. Gilcombe Farm have a TB alert. Until we know more, all ticket sales for Sunset Festival have been suspended. We will keep family updated as new information comes in. 

Sunset Concept

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psydrummerSo what is Sunset Festival?

Well the size and scope of Sunset has grown over those years, but in essence we are what we always have been. A collection of like minded people that come together to co-create a gathering that makes peoples happy. We all do this for love and the joy of seeing people smile. We share a love of the outdoors and nature and finding kindred spirits along the way. We place a big totem pole down in a field and watch it grow outwards. Filling the space with all kinds of pretty things until a festival is created :)

Everything that comes into Sunset is a creation of someone’s love and imagination. Every person that works on the festival is a family member and valued. As family’s do, we sometimes disagree and argue along the way, but then we get reminded that the person beside us is our brother or sister and we need to find peace to move forward. This way of working together has shaped Sunset over the years into what it is today. A huge family gathering for all to meet up an share together for five days in a field :)

These type of gatherings have been taking place since the beginning of time. Since we first learnt how to make fire, cook and bang two rocks together to dance to, we've been gathering this way. Its how we evolved and developed over thousands of years by sharing ourselves with each other. The tradition of music, dancing and song is what has underpinned all human kind across the world forever and always will do into the future. The styles and sounds may have evolved over the years but the essence of the music and dancing and the feelings its evokes hasn’t. We all still feel as transcended and lifted now as thousands of years ago when we first gathered together. Its this tradition of gathering together that has become today Sunset Festival.Greg Painter - sunset festival 2014 58

Its not just about the music though. A big part of these gatherings are about sharing information and ideas. A lot of these discussions relate to the planet and ways to preserve it. We know things are changing and new ideas and solutions are being born everyday. These gatherings allow for discussion of these ideas which can then be taken forward and built upon. If you want to know how to make a house out of straw, someone will know. Want to know about wheat free bread? That lady knows over there...  If you imagine, its a bit like having the internet in a field but with a slightly more mud ;) We all passionately believe in this earth and we want to find ways to preserve it. We all recognise the answers wont come from the commercial based systems that are entrenched in monetary values and profit  and so we need to find solutions from within ourselves and each other.10606409 893849833976587 2372222233766203238 n

There are thousands of gatherings like Sunset across the world which provide a place for this kind of information sharing, collaborations and soul building. Our ethos is, if you provide a positive space for people they will naturally feel inspired and have ideas to share. Also within these kind of settings, people regularly have big realisations about themselves and their lives. These realisations are often life changing and create a permanent change within us. Its these changes that help us to grow and evolve into a more developed and life loving people.Greg Painter - sunset festival 2014 12

Sunset has also become a place where people network and collaborate. Every person has a skill that can be offered. Likewise every person is also looking for someone with a skill they don't have. When people start meeting up and discovering what each one has to offer, then grand ideas and designs are born. For some its the birth of a project, while for others its expanding on what they've already created. Many collaborations and projects have developed this way and have gone on to achieve much across the planet.

Sunset is about including as many people as possible. We invite as many family as we can to get involved in co creating the festival. The line between crew and guests is at best pretty blurry. Family are welcomed and encouraged to bring along any bits of art or things they have made to put up and decorate the festival. Traders are free to come along and set up their stalls or fly pitches. We run a magic hat donation scheme for any traders who want to contribute towards the festival at the end. Were not a commercial festival and so don’t exist to make a profit. Any contributions that are donated are for keeping the festival self sustaining for everyone. Its partly through working this way that has helped preserved the original vibe of Sunset through the years. One big family celebration for everyone to get involved :)

So if all this sounds like your cup of tea then you'll probably have a wonderful time at Sunset Festival. Were not the biggest or grandest but there's a lot of love at Sunset. Small, intimate and super friendly...we is :) x

...“If Sunset was a vehicle it would be probably be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang powered by solar energy, wood burner in the front and a giant Opus sound system strapped to the back. Painted up with fluro psychedelic colours, giant Aum symbol on the bonnet and with a top speed of 145bpm......probably!”


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