NEWS: We have the received the following urgent news from the festival site. Gilcombe Farm have a TB alert. Until we know more, all ticket sales for Sunset Festival have been suspended. We will keep family updated as new information comes in. 

Festival Information

Sunset Festival is about having a happy time with your friends and fellow guests. To help all you good festy faery's get the most from Sunset, we've put together this information page for you.

Sunset is expecting higher numbers this year and so the need to keep everyone safe is more important than ever. We ask all of you to follow these simple guidelines and to look after each other as family, thank you :) x


Due to the increased numbers expected we have introduced a one way traffic system to the site this year. Don't worry we've made it really easy for everyone to understand. All traffic now rotates in an anti clockwork style (that's right to left for those with digital watches) so you don’t end up bumping into each other when entering and leaving the site. Traffic stewards will be on hand along with plenty of pretty signs to help you.


We've increased and restructured the parking area this year to accommodate everyone. We've provided a limited amount of mixed vehicle and tent parking for those who wish to camp together. For safety reasons however, strictly no vehicles parked in this area will be allowed to leave until the end of the event. In the case of an emergency, stewards will accompany you and vehicle safely from the site.


Fire safety particularly in the camping area is something we take very seriously.

 If your vehicle is of the “live in” variety, can you please make sure that you leave a wide gap between you and the next vehicle. The stewards on hand will help you with this. The need to keep a wide gap is for yours and your fellow guest safety so please follow their direction in this, thank you.

Please, no open fires in the camp site. Bottled gas, barbecues, flammable liquids and burning wicker man effigies are all problematic for health and safety reasons as well. To make up for this we've provided a communal cooking area for everyone to enjoy. This space is for cooking barbecues and for enjoying the collective pleasure of eating together at this family event. Also there will be a hospitable communal fire made available in the main arena with fire marshals to supervise and keep everyone safe, so please enjoy the family warmth everyone :)

Disabled Camping

There is a separate disabled camping area this year for those with special requirements. If you need any special requirement then please let us know ahead so we can facilitate these for you. This could include any special requirements for carers or enablers, who will be admitted for free to the event with their service user/users.

Sound systems

We've got a few big speakers at the festival already so please don't bring any more! Unless they're of the smaller more personal variety, we ask please no rogue sound systems ;) If your in-car system is of the “big bad and scary” variety then please refrain from turning it to eleven (or we’ll remove the knobs!). Please respect your fellow guests and local residents by not starting any unofficial sound clashes in the camp-site, or any other areas of the event/wider locale.

Neighbour respect

Thankfully Sunset Festival is buried far away in the middle of the countryside far away from most civilisation. However there are a few neighbours across the valley and we don't want to cause any unnecessary disturbance for them. When entering and leaving the site we request that their feelings are considered and noise kept to a minimum.
We know it's tempting to wind up that classic Eat Static track when it comes on, but.... Please don't! If you happen to be driving by close to any of these houses then watch the volume and don’t scare the wildlife please ;).
Some of you may be driving through the village of Sandford on the way to or from the event. If you do then please smile, wave, be polite and sign any autographs requested. Please drive extra carefully and remember that children may be playing, people may be walking with or without dogs or riding horses in the lanes, and that people generally use these lanes especially on sunny days. Sunset Festival has a reputation for attracting the loveliest and considerate of people, so don’t disappoint ;)


Waste disposable is one of the most expensive bills for the festival. Particularly when we do it the responsible way and recycle. If guests can take as much back as possible it helps us massively. It allows us to spend the limited funds we have on the festival itself, rather than spending it on transporting rubbish from the site. Oh yeah, and rubbish goes in bins btw...plastic in one, paper in get the idea ;)


Sunset has the coolest compost toilets ever! They’re clean, don’t smell and are a joy to use...IF USED CORRECTLY!!! If they’re not, its a pain in the arse for everyone (literally). First thing you’ll notice, there's no flush handle. That’s what the sawdust is for, so please use it. Guy's, please sit even if you have the urge to stand. Ladies the same. Detailed instructions are found on the loo door in various languages with diagrams so please take the time to read and follow them.


 Unfortunately this year we are unable to accommodate dogs on site. Sadly due to our new location being an organics farm, dogs are not permitted on site. Were very sorry to all Sunset dog owners that this effects, however it is necessary to comply with the farms legal requirement in this. All goldfish are welcome though :)


Don't lose them! In fact we recommend tying them to your wrists for safety. If you lose them, you’ll be hassled by the goblins. Please keep you original E-stub as proof of purchase (gate crashers and blaggers will be sent to home in disgrace!)


We have a licensed bar on site to serve alcohol. All the usual rules apply to serving that you would expect at any bar. Over eighteens only and I.D may be requested to validate your age if you look under 21. If you appear to be drunk don't ask for any more alcohol , you wont get it.
Acceptable forms of identification include ID Cards from nationally recognised proof of age schemes, passports, drivers licences etc. If you behave in an anti social way that offends others we will act accordingly (Sunset has a zero tolerance policy to antisocial behaviour ;) )
Please feel free to bring personal quantities of alcohol if you would like, although we politely request no large quantities and no selling please (we have a licence for only one bar). PLEASE DONT BRING ANY GLASS. We have a no glass policy on site due to the health hazards presented by glass to both people and animals, not to mention the fire risk. Remember the hosting site is a farm and animals normally roam freely, and a footpath allows public access to the site – NO GLASS OF ANY SORT (spectacles/monocles/sunshades permitted of course)
Please remember that there are children on site, and as such keep any alcohol provisions in a responsible manner (i.e. not left unattended, and away from children, locked away if possible.)


This year our licence has been increased to accommodate the extra expected numbers. To comply with our licence, security is a mandatory requirement. However this is also to assist and protect our guests at the event. So far Sunset has one of the lowest incident rates on record for a festival. There was however one year a case of theft by two local youth's. The thieves were discovered and taken to the local police station to be dealt with. This incident did highlight to us that we've become bigger now and do occasionally attract outside attention. The security provided is for your benefit and to help facilitate everyone to have a safe and happy time. If you need their assistance, just shout and they'll be there to help :)


We remind all our guests that illegal substance are forbidden on site. Under the misuse of drugs act 1971 possession and selling of illegal substances are punishable under law.
Sunset Festival has a “zero tolerance” policy to all illegal substances. All illegal substances if found will be confiscated and reported. Any persons discovered to be selling illegal substances will be detained. As part of Sunset Festival crime and disorder policy, any persons breaking the law will be reported to the police.

Things not to bring in

As is usual for festivals of this size, a check at the gate will be made for unwanted items. To ensure everyone’s safety and good time at Sunset would you please respect the following conditions and do not bring any of the following items;

  • Glass
  • Fireworks
  • Knives (except for butter)
  • Weapons of any kind including toy guns, firearms, air guns, BB guns, airsoft guns, tasers
  • Big speakers
  • Large quantities of alcohol
  • Legal or illegal highs
  • Nitrous gas
  • Dangerous animals
  • Dangerous chemicals or substances – traders with cleaning products etc should check with the H&S rep on site to facilitate storage in COSHH cupboard if required.
  • Weapons of mass destruction
  • Bad vibes, negative attitudes or intolerance
  • Anything else that will upset anyone, thank you :)


Please remember that the person beside you is your brother or sister.


Smiling and having a happy time is compulsory at all times.

….so there you have it, all the stuff to help you have a happy and safe time at Sunset Festival this year in one tidy bundle :) If you've got any questions about the event then please free to contact any of the elves here at the Sunset tree-house for help. Big love family :) x


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