NEWS: We have the received the following urgent news from the festival site. Gilcombe Farm have a TB alert. Until we know more, all ticket sales for Sunset Festival have been suspended. We will keep family updated as new information comes in. 
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Volunteering at Sunset

This is the place where people sign up to become Sunset elves. A team of strange creatures that keep the Sunset machine turning for five days and nights with tireless energy. Pulling levers, turning wheels and checking dials to keep the sunny spaceship flying. If you want to join us on the Sunship-Enterprise, we've made it really easy for everyone this year...

So welcome to Sunset's all new whizzy bang boom volunteer desk. Entirely built from recycled tractor tyres and old eggbox's, the world first eco mail system conceived for the digital age of the interweb. Designed and built completely in house by Sunset engineers to mee the demands of modern hippy's.

So how does it work?

Well once you have got a account registered here on the website, a menu will appear on the left, where you can download our brand new 2014 application form. There's lots of boxes and spaces to fill in with your details and thoughts of the day.

We've left a particularly big space for you to fill out any skills you have would be useful. Also if you've got any interesting festy equipment that you think would add to the gathering, then please let us know and we'll try and incorporate it with gentleness and love into the event.

Sunset relies on the generosity of the family to provide the festival and without everyone's support we wouldn't be able to make it happen. To all the beautiful family and friends that have worked with us over the years with much love and passion to get us this far...thanku everyone :) x

Few things we need to make people aware.


Due to a very small amount of people abusing the stewarding scheme were introducing a £40 deposit this year. This only applies for first time volunteers if you've never stewarded at the festival before. If you've worked for Stuart and Tom previously than they know your going to show up for shifts so all good :) As many previous volunteers will testify, they’re both very lovely people to be working with and will go out of there way to make your stewarding experience a pleasurable one. They've had the good news recently of being asked to head up the stewarding for a number of other festivals. So if you work hard for these elves and don't rinse there tobacco then there's a real chance of getting work in a few different fields in the country :)


The plan is to go all out on the Sunset cafe this year. A collaboration between a number of different faery's to create an ambiance of warmth and hospitality. To nourish everyone through the duration of the festival with fine food and company is the aim. If your volunteering for the cafe can you include any food hygiene certificates and spare sink cloth's you have, thanku.

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