NEWS: We have the received the following urgent news from the festival site. Gilcombe Farm have a TB alert. Until we know more, all ticket sales for Sunset Festival have been suspended. We will keep family updated as new information comes in. 
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New website



The biggest cosmic alignment since the Mayan calender ran out of paper, is predicted for tomorrow at 16:57. The spring equinox crossed with Sunset rising!

Not only will this moment mark the end of the winter period, but its also when the great space ship SUNSET FESTIVAL 2014 finally launches from its rocket pad. The alien craft is due to enter our orbit around later in the summer, to finally touch down August the 28th for five days to set a new world record for the biggest psychedelic Hokey Cokey ever in Devon!

The new Sunset website is due to go live tomorrow in a blaze of fluro smoke and fireworks for all the world to see. Well that's the plan anyway...  So what’s the bet that everything will go perfectly, with absolutely no unexpected probs....? Well its never happened yet so... There again that’s part of the fun of Sunset. Never knowing quite what’s going to happen next...we thrive on it!

So Thursday 16:57 is the time when finally you will be able to book your place ahead for something that is looking to make psychedelic history this year. Judging by reports that have been coming in over the winter, Sunset seems to have gone viral over the country and across much of Europe. We've certainty never had this level of people writing in to us this early in the year. We've already had more volunteers and festy stuff offered up than any previous years, which is making us tingle with excitement of how big this all potentially will be by August.

Sunset is like a giant fractal painting, a co-creation of a lot of artistic peoples ideas assembled in a field. The more creative energy we build between us, the more we energise each other and awaken ourselves to the endless possibilities that we have as a family have to change the world into a better place for all. We put down a big totem pole in a field and everyone comes and decorates it with love until we have a huge sprawling festival of positive energy. This is the same method that we all have to change the planet...and its fun ;)

So the warm and genuine invitation to all our fellow family clan will be sounding out from 16:57 GFT (Greenwich, Fluffy, Time). The new Sunset will be flickering across your screens in super wide Sunny-vision informing everyone of this years delights. Keep checking in on the site, as we will be updating it regularly with new stuff as it comes in over the year.

One last thing, big thanku to all the contributors to this years new Sunset 2014 website. Its been a massive project but worth it :)

See you in a field everyone, big love :) x


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2014 Introduction.....

The countdown to Devon's biggest psychedelic gathering has begun...

Yes, the hippy space cake known as Sunset Festival will be landing once again in a sunny Devon valley this summer for all good souls to engorge themselves.

The time for faeries, elves, pixies and wombles to step out into Sunset land as been predicted to be August 28th – September 1st 2014.

Five long days of beauteous bliss amongst Devon’s collective family of un-earthlings is looming on the sun speckled horizon this summer. A cosmic bike ride down the rabbit hole with fluoro tyres and flux capacitors screaming to overload as we accelerate into our third year of Sunset Festival.

This is a very exciting time for us all here at the Sunset tree-house. Back in 2012 after a decade in the forest organising small gatherings amongst the fauna, the Sunset woodland creatures stepped out into the bigger valley to create Sunset Festival. Now two years later the family's back for our third Sunset and eagerly working towards creating something particularly phenomenal for this year. Already the Sunset blackboard is starting to fill up with ideas, and light-bulbs of inspiration are illuminating everywhere around us. Our third sequel SUNSET 3 is starting to shape up from bits of clay and rizlas found on the forest floor and the night creatures are buzzing!

Over the coming months we’ll be unveiling Sunset 2014 to you as its formed and invite you to come and share with us in the journey. We’ve all come a long way together on this psychedelic adventure and each year it gets better. The universe keeps smiling on us and the party grows. Consciousness raising vibrations are increasing and the lights just get brighter! :)

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New Sunset Website

Finally after century’s of work the new Sunset website has arrived. An architectural wonder of delight, lovingly crafted by the Sunset elves for your pleasure. A great shrine of information and loveliness to share with our psychedelic family is laid out for you to explore. Please take your time and enjoy the experience :)

We are going to be adding to the site through the summer with all the new stuff that’s coming in on a regular basis. We already have a lot of faery material that’s that’s not being added to the website yet ;) So pop back soon to find out about............everything else.

Everything else...

Between the four main music stage's there is...“Everything Else”. Sometimes described as a bit like “dark matter” but brighter with pink bits. This is the stuff that provides colour, delight and wonder to Sunset festival and makes everyone smile. Magical tea bags of psychedelic imagination, created from family members all over the country, brought together and stirred for Sunset 2015.

Sunset is like a giant fractal painting, a co-creation of a lot of artistic peoples ideas assembled in a field. The more creative energy we build between us, the more we energise each other and awaken ourselves to the endless possibilities that we have as a family have to change the world into a better place for all. We put down a big totem pole in a field and everyone comes and decorates it with love until we have a huge sprawling festival of positive energy. This is the same method that we all have to change the planet...and its fun ;)

If you would like to join in and bring a something to the gathering than we'd love to hear from you :) x

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Sunset Tony

A bit of happy Sunset news to be shared with the family...

The lovely fella we all know as Tony the farmer, has recently given his land donation of £1000 from Sunset Festival to Sandford school in the village.

This news put a big smile on our faces when we heard. Even way back in our early talks with Tony, he told us how he wanted to put something back into the local community. If the festival could reach a point where it could make that happen, it would make him and a lot of other people very happy he told us. Even though we don't always agree on farming (most of the crew are hippy vegetarians) we do seem to share the same view on making people smile. If you've bumped into him and ended up chatting around the festival field at some point, then you'll know what we mean. Something that may not be known though is, Tony doesn't actually make any money from Sunset. In fact, it often runs at a loss for him. Over time he's ended up footing a lot of the expenses and somehow not charging us for it. He knows we don't do this for the money and provides back for us in the same way. Another bit of news that isn't often known is, Tony doesn't technically charge a fee for the use of his land. He leaves it to us to make a donation which we make at the end of the event. That's the bit we get to say a proper thank you for everything that him along with his family have provided for us.

He told us a little while ago that for him and his family, Sunset has become their holiday together. They work the farm full time and so don't have the chance to get away and take a break in the way most of us do. The opportunity to give this holiday back to Tony and his family in exchange for what they’ve provided, make us all feel really warm inside.

So onto many more years of droves of random fairy creatures gliding across the valley in winged delight...

Nice :) :) x

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Sunset Thankyous

Finally here at last, the complete list of all the Sunset collective that made this years festival so special. The Sunset discography, compiled from various bits of paper, notes on the wall and the remaining remnants of old ancient texts. Here in all its glory with rare previously unreleased out-takes and live performances for you to enjoy in this special edition box set.

With so many names to list, and thankyous to give, it's impossible to put them all on the front page so click below for the full list.

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Sunset 2013 roundup

Big thank you everyone for making Sunset 2013 one of the most magical physical manifestations of positive intent ever to be seen in Devon 

By the time we opened on Thursday it was becoming apparent that Sunset this year had ended up turning into the 21th century equivalent of Stonehenge! We knew by looking at the list on paper that it was going to be huge but it wasn't till we saw it all up in its full glory that the full impact hit us.
A whole field of mushrooms had grown seemingly out of nowhere and had swamped across the land with every kind of structure imaginable. Marquees, domes, tents, yurts stretched for over a quarter of a mile down the valley. What started many years ago as a bunch of hippy's with some speakers in a forest, has grown into a massive family psychedelic circus that just seems to keep on growing! 

None of this would have been possible without a lot of work from a collection of some of the most dedicated and hard working people on the planet. A family of passionate workers with a lot of stamina, a lot of capacity and an awful lot of faith. Not to mention some pretty strong cosmic energy out there to power us 

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