NEWS: We have the received the following urgent news from the festival site. Gilcombe Farm have a TB alert. Until we know more, all ticket sales for Sunset Festival have been suspended. We will keep family updated as new information comes in. 
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Sunset Solar Psytrance Stage



Try saying that with a mouth full of yogurt!

The heart chakra of Sunset festival, the mighty Solar Psytrance Stage is back! Its tall, wide, curves a bit at the top and 100% solar powered from a big ball in the sky :)Greg Painter - sunset festival 2014 32

The Solar stage will be opening on Friday for three days of outdoor psy-stomping in the sun. As long as the sun and batteries last, we should keep going for the duration until sundown Sunday night. When the sun goes to bed we have a slightly gentler selection going through the night. If you pop over to the Psy-No-Trance or Acoustic stage there's plenty to keep things gently ticking over to sunrise. By which time the old solar panels should start warming up and ready to kick some morning tunes back in again...

Big thank you to Tony Fleming for providing our dream outdoor stage. Completely running off 100% natural energy and able to keep going when the oil runs out. Fully kitted out with super efficient LED stage lighting and huuuuuge wheels to boot. This is the stage of the future!10628126 894399073921663 3988326027090935764 n

To provide the absolute best in sound we've brought in the king of Psy-sound, Opus-Jodi :)

Jodi is going all out on this one and providing the Opuspocus full monty. If you been in the dance tent at Sunrise Festival you know to expect! A massive 8 double bass bins and 4 beautifully colour matched tops to sparkle your ears. This is going to sound so good... ;)

The musical journey for the weekend is due once again to be sculptured by Devon's original psychedelic alchemist Gacid Gaz :) The wizard is as we speak, pouring through the various ingredients ready to create a potion of psy-magic for you all to consume. See where the rabbit hole goes...

And the tunes...10568834 893849503976620 5617722850969782564 n

Psychedelic alpha-wave trance hertz vibrations pulsating from the gaian vortex of interstatic bliss.

A shamanic journey of uplifting melodious notation as performed by the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Psy-minstrels. An international collection of pieces culled from the four corners of the universe have been assembled for your delight on this summer weekend. These sonic delights will be drifting across Sunset valley to tug at your feet and transport your soul into positive transcendental states of consciousness. A voyage of awareness shifting magic...Psy-alchemy at its best!




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